Starbucks Wisteria

In Kamakura, across the street from city office, there’s a unique Starbucks with an outdoor patio and pond. The pond was filled with cherry blossoms flowing around in circles. But above, there was wisteria hanging. It was a very relaxing place.



Hasedera Temple’s Kannon-do

Hasedera is one of the most beautiful temples in Kamakura, and boasts a wonderful view of the city. It’s also very old. This is Kannon-do, the main building of the temple, which houses a massive gold-gilded wooden statue of Kannon. The statue is said to have been discovered washed ashore on the Miura Peninsula in the 8th century, making it nearly 1300 years old. The temple also has a cave system which you can enter, a beautiful rock garden, and calligraphy classes.


Gates of Sasuke Inari Shrine

In a valley in Kamakura, you can find Sasuke Inari Shrine. Inari shrines are famous for their many red gates forming a kind of tunnel. Some have hundreds, while other have just three. The guardian animal for these shrines is the fox, so their statues are everywhere.

This shrine is located in a secluded valley that is now filled with very expensive homes. In the Kamakura period, when Kamakura was the capital of Japan, this valley was home to a hidden village. Since it had only one entrance, it was highly protected. This is where the precursors of the ninja lived. It’s probably no coincidence that Sasuke was the name of a famous ninja.


Zeniarai Benten Cave

Zeniarai Benten (or Benzaiten) is a shrine in Kamakura famous for washing money. In the cave, you can put some money in a basket and clean it with spring water. It’s supposed to bring you fortune with money. The shrine is surrounded by cliffs, and you can enter through a tunnel. The setting is quite incredible. It’s located about 20 west of Kamakura Station on foot.